Fighting Obesity with Five Healthy Foods

Fighting Obesity with Five Healthy FoodsThe recent studies and surveys are showing a sharp increase in the obesity rates especially in developed countries. It’s an established fact that obesity affects the human body in negative ways and it can lead to serious ailments like hypertension, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, infertility problems, cancers, strokes, and the likes.

Old, middle-aged, young, children and even adolescents are trying to fight against obesity but only few are succeeding. The reason many fail in this battle is the lack of persistent and inability to leave the bad habits pertaining to diet and exercise.

To put it in plain words, consuming less calories and burning more is the way to reduce weight. Keeping the daily intake in check can play a major role in shedding off your pounds and exercise plays an equally important role.

Eating Healthy in Dieting!

Some people think dieting means starving yourself of all food. This is plain wrong. Dieting means a more controlled and healthy eating routine, keeping yourself hungry for prolonged periods can actually be counterproductive.

Obese people are always worried about, what they should eat and what not. Following are five healthy food for people, which are low on calories, and yet healthy and nourishing.

1: Black Beans Salads:

Black beans are full of protein and they don’t contain saturated fat which is present in many other protein sources. About 15gms of protein is found in one cup of black beans and it is also rich in fiber which means it digests slowly and satisfies your hunger for longer periods.

2: Fresh Vegetable Soups:

A bowl of fresh vegetable soup having 100 to 150 calories, before the meal relieves you from hunger pangs, and you end up eating less. You can try different soups using different vegetables like, green onions, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, and capsicum which are all healthy and rich in vitamins.

3: Corn Snacks and Teas:

If you are dieting, it’s not necessary to kill your craving for snacks at tea time. It’s true that fast food, cheesy snacks, and sugar drinks should be avoided, but there are healthy alternatives like popcorns that you can take. Green tea or hot water with lemon are excellent drinks to dissolve fat. They have bioactive substances, caffeine that aids fat burning, anti-oxidants, and some metabolism boosting substances.

4: Fruits rich in Fiber:

Fruits like avocados, blueberries, apples, pears, dates, guavas, oranges, plums, grapefruit and kiwifruits contain high fiber and less saturated fat. Avocados have fiber and protein and they are very good for losing belly fat. It also contains oleic acid which contains healthy monounsaturated fats, not harmful for obese people. One cup of blueberries has four grams of fiber and it also satisfies your hunger for a long time.

Remember! Raw fruits have more fiber so always prefer eating fruits in original form instead of juices.

5: Eggs and Nuts:

Everybody loves eggs, especially in breakfasts. If you can just eat the egg white in the morning, it will fulfill your protein intake and prevent you from munching fatty and sugary breakfasts. Similarly nuts like walnuts, almonds, peanuts and pecans also make perfect snacks which are not only healthy but also make you eat less and cut back on daily calories.
If you are planning to fight against your obesity, you don’t need to stop eating, just start eating healthy. If you are serious in your weight reducing goal, stop thinking of a short cut, just work on your eating habits, eat healthy, do exercise, and stay committed and you will get there.