Five Mistakes that Might be Ruining your Sleep

Five Mistakes that Might be Ruining your SleepSleeping is equally important for everybody. Babies and kids need it for the right growth and development, and for adults it is needed to give your mind and body some much needed rest, so that you can perform your best in the working hours. People are always concerned about making the most of their time, when they are awake, but it is equally important to make the most of your sleeping time.

Because you need to sleep better in order to perform better in the day.

Following are five mistakes that might be spoiling your sleep quality.

1. Many people work from home, and even if they are not working from home, they make the mistake of having their laptops or PC’s in the bedroom. Same goes for the Television. Having all these things in the bedroom means, you will find it hard to go to sleep, and your mind will keep getting back to work or other choices.

2. People sleep with the smartphones or mobile phones on their sides. As a result, they keep waking up by the buzz or some sound every time someone sent a text, or a new email arrives, etc. Even if you are not checking it up, it will keep your mind in an alert state. It’s better to put your phone away and keep it on silent, especially if you have a landline phone. If there’s something urgent, people can call on phone, but you shouldn’t be ruining your sleep just because a friend’s text, or some promotional message from a business.

3. Ideally, you should have dinner at least 2 to 3 hours before your sleeping time. If you are going straight to bed after having dinner, it will affect both, your sleep and digestion system. Even worse, people drink black tea or coffee after the dinner, and the caffeine in it will make it even harder for you to go to sleep. Snoring can also make it difficult to sleep properly, snoring mouthpiece can help.

4. Some people will keep waking up at some time in night, and if they find it hard to go back to sleep, they get up and switch on the TV or they get on to their laptop or PC. If you wake up at night, it’s important to just lie down, and not try too hard to sleep, because it will put your mind under stress. You will go back to sleep after some time. Some people can also get disturbed by their partner’s snoring, here’s how to prevent snoring.

5. You must make a sleeping schedule and then stick to that. If you are waiting for your eyes to get heavy with the sleep, before going to bed, and then getting up at odd times, you are not allowing your body to settle down with a proper schedule. If we study the routine of all those successful people, we will see that most of them suggest going to bed early and then waking up early in the morning for best productivity.